The following are some of the senior ski clubs throughout the nation:

70+ Ski Club. Lifetime membership for $5 plus proof of age. Members receive a list of ski resorts throughout the world that offer free skiing, or major discounts, to members; the club sponsors ski trips to other countries. For information: Lloyd Lambert, 104 East Side Drive, Ballston Lake, NY 12019 .

Over the Hill Gang. For skiers 50 and older, with chapters throughout the country. In addition to skiing, the group sponsors other outdoor activities for members. For information: Over the Hill Gang, 13791 East Rice Place, Suite 101, Aurora, CO 80015.

Elderhostel. Leam-to-ski classes are held at the Sunday River ski resort in Maine. The skiing is part of academic programs. For information: Elderhostel in Boston, (617) 426-8056.

Ski Meisters. A Denver-based group for skiers 50 and older. Members ski chiefly at Winter Park, Colorado, in guided groups. For information: Ski Meisters, Box 36338, Denver, CO 80236.

Skiing Grandmothers. Always recognizable by their cheerful red ski suits with blue cowboy hats, members are involved in ski-related charities and travel. Most are from the Southwest and Colorado, but the club is open to all grandmother skiers. For information: La Nelle Townley, 10027 Cedar Creek, Houston, TX 77042.

Over Eighty Ski Club. For those 80 and older. Members have their names listed on a Scroll of Distinction at the U. S. Ski Hall of Fame. Membership requires a $25 donation to the hall of fame. For information: Ray Leverton, Box 191, Ishpeming, MI 49849-0191.

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Ski competitions for both standing and sitting skiers are held throughout the country and in Europe. Both Aspen Highlands and Mount Hood Meadows ski resorts have hosted the U. S. c
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In 1996, the Professional Ski Instructors of America, Eastern Education Foundation, developed a program that provides: 1) continuous skill development for seniors; 2) opportunities
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Ski competitions for both standing and sitting skiers are held throughout the country and in Europe. Both Aspen Highlands and Mount Hood Meadows ski resorts…


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