Europeans can ski as hard by day and drink as much by night as Americans. Thereís less noise after dark in some countries, while in others all-night partying competes with sunlight skiing.

Switzerland is known more for moderation than wild partying. The little areas are quiet. Itís in the bigger resorts that the discos and bars are alive, noisy, and smoke filled until about midnight.

Austrians are exuberant party skiers during the day as well as at night in the large resorts. Roistering begins before the lifts close, slows down during the dinner hour, then erupts again with disco parties that donít really start until 11 P. M.

The ebullient nightlife in the French resorts also doesnít being to swing until around 11 P. M. Serious players hang in until 3 or 4 in the morning.

Italians are late-night carousers, but spend the time doing as much talking and ardent debating as dancing.

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