Moving from an easy gliding step to an advanced is akin to going from a brisk walk to a slow run. To perform the advanced gliding step, use a strong push from your thrusting leg, keeping your knees bent so your weight is well forward, and, simultaneously, pushing vigorously with your pole. The glide should be long, with your weight over the gliding ski. Go into your next step as soon as you begin to slow down.

The two most serious mistakes are keeping the weight too far back, so that the rear ski comes down too soon, and keeping the body too stiff, which pushes the body upward rather than forward.

Snowplow turns are exactly the same as what downhill skiers learn to curve their way down the fall line. Wedge your skis into a snowplow, tips together, tails apart. When you place your weight on one ski, you move in the opposite direction. You travel by shifting your weight from one ski to the other.

Cross-country skiers can also use easy stem and parallel turns. These are difficult to control because the skis are slender and have no metal edges. X-country boots are light on the foot, and the bindings don’t hold the boot tightly, so your foot won’t always go where you aim it. Practice is the answer.

The ultimate x-country ski turn is the telemark. Those with the skill and control to use the telemark are the “skinny skiers” you watch carving their way down any groomed pitch at a ski resort, from green to double black, while you ride the lift to the summit.

In the telemark, the skier adopts a sort of kneeling position when turning, the outside ski leading and the inside ski, with the knee deeply bent, following.

The skis used in telemark skiing are similar to cross-country but have metal edges, which makes them easier to control on alpine runs and difficult off-slope terrain.

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