The cold-weather diet that helps maintain an adult’s body temperature also works for children. The greatest problem, especially at the breakfast table, is to keep the youngsters from overstuffing themselves with sugary foods and drinks. Sugar provides a strong burst of energy that quickly dis
sipates. In other words, kids will be a bundle of warmth for an hour or so after a meal high in sugars; then the cold will set in. Not too smart as a breakfast meal.

Encourage the intake of fats and proteins for the slow-burning fuels that provide day-long warmth. For breakfast, serve the cereals with the lowest sugar content. Read the label on the package. Bacon and sausage are a fine additional source of slow-burning food energy. At lunch that fast-food delicacy, the cheeseburger, and those delicious, greasy french fries provide long-lasting fuel.

Children need extra fluid when they’re active outdoors in the winter. Least effective are highly sugared drinks, especially colas with caffeine. Encourage nonsugared fruit juices. Children will suffer chills from even slight dehydration.

A hearty, good-to-slurp soup for dinner increases fluid intake.

Satisfy any craving for sugar by bringing out rich desserts, chock - ablock with heavy cream and chocolate. And of course, a good-night cup of whole-milk hot chocolate is a healthy and cheerful send-off to bed.

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