A reason adults often cite for why they’re not involved with the challenge, thrills, and pleasure of skiing is that they “hate the cold.”

I, too, hate being cold. But I know, as every skier from granddaughter to grandma knows, that if you eat and dress appropriately for the cold - and this may come as a surprise - you really can be comfortable on a winter day. 1 have some down-to-earth advice later in this book about how genuinely simple it is to avoid the frigid chills when the temperature plunges and you’re enjoying yourself on the snowy slopes.

Now, however, I’d add an argument to sway the winter-haters into sampling skiing: It is a cold-weather sport. Winter is an absolute fact of the seasons. But participate in an activity you can enjoy in the winter and, suddenly, it’s a season you look forward to. Ice fishing. Sleigh riding with the kids in the park. Winter photography. Ice boating. Snowshoeing. Making snowmen. Skiing.

Ah, there are some wonderful pleasures that only are found in winter’s snow.

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